Here you’ll find the prices on January 1st 2021. These prices are based on a drawing of the head of the animal(s). If you have other wishes, please send me an email for further information and possibilities.
Prices do not include shipping costs.

When you have send the photos to me, we have discussed your wishes and you would like to be places on the waiting list, there is a 25% deposit, which covers for material costs. This cannot be refunded when you are not satisfied with the drawing. Progress on the drawings will always be shared, so you can always deliver feedback if necessary. When the drawing is done and you are happy with the result, the rest of the amount, included shipping costs, will have to be paid. After paiment, the drawing will be send to you.

Size1 animal head & background color1 animal close-up2 animals3 animals
10×15 cmX€ 75,-XX
15×21 cm€ 100,-€ 120,-XX
24×32 cm€ 140,-€ 175,-€ 200,-X
30×42 cm€ 240,-€ 275,-€ 265,-X
50×70 cm€ 340,-€ 400,-€ 400,-€ 475,-
Examples options 1 animal